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Data Controller of the internet site in the web address (hereinafter the “Site”) is Italfondiario Business Information Services S.r.l. “doData S.r.l.” with registered office in Rome, Via Mario Carucci 131.
Terms and conditions of use
The use of the Site is subject to having read, accepted and complying with the terms and conditions set out below. In the event of failing to accept the above, you are kindly requested not to use the Site, nor to download any material from the Site.
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All the material and content of the Site are the property of doData S.r.l. and are protected by intellectual property rights, in accordance with current copyright regulations.
The documentation, images, characters, graphics, software and any other content on the Site is the exclusive property of doData S.r.l. Access to the Site does not provide individual users with the right to appropriate, reproduce, amend, distribute, republish the information contained therein in any format, in its entirety or in part, without the express written authorisation of doData S.r.l.
This is without prejudice to the possibility of saving and printing said content only for exclusive personal use. The trademarks, logos and distinctive signs appearing on the Site are the property of doData S.r.l. These may not be used without prior written consent from doData S.r.l.
The Site does not contain publishing products, nor does it represent a newspaper. The dissemination of material within the Site is not on a periodic basis, as it is conditioned by the effective material availability of the material itself. Furthermore, doData S.r.l. does not avail itself of the provisions under Law No. 62/2001.
Limitation to liability
The content of the Site is published solely for information purposes on the activities of doData S.r.l.; it consequently does not constitute and cannot be considered as an offer for the sale, subscription or solicitation of any kind regarding the funds managed by doData S.r.l.
doData S.r.l. issues no explicit or implicit guarantee referring to the information contained in the Site and is therefore not liable for the use made thereof, whatever this may be.
Therefore under no circumstances can doData S.r.l. be considered responsible for direct and/or indirect damages caused by the use and/or navigation of the Site. doData S.r.l. reserves the right to intervene at any time and without notice to make amendments, corrections, updates and improvements to the structure of the Site and to the information/documents contained therein. Interventions of periodic checking and updating carried out on the Site by doData S.r.l. may result in the Site being temporarily inaccessible, as well as information remaining on the Site without being updated, in which regard doData S.r.l. declines any responsibility.
doData S.r.l. further declines any responsibility for any material errors or omissions that may occur in compiling the Site.
doData S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for information and/or documents published by third parties on sites that the Site provides an interactive connection to (link) or in respect of the technical-operational procedures adopted by these sites with special reference to the computer security and protection of privacy aspects.
Every linked internet site adopts its own privacy policy that differs and is independent to the one adopted by doData S.r.l. and in respect of which doData S.r.l. exercises no powers of control and verification. The user deciding to visit a site linked to the Site does so at their own risk, assuming the responsibility for taking the necessary precautions. In any case, the existence of a link does not imply any form of sponsorship by doData S.r.l.
Under no circumstances may doData S.r.l. therefore be considered responsible for direct and/or indirect damage caused by the use and/or navigation of internet site linked to the Site.
A cookie may be found in any part of the Site for the purposes of tracking the user on the Site.
A cookie is a text file that a website sends to the user's computer browser. The browser saves the information and resends it to the site server at the time when the browser once again accesses that website.
Generally, a cookie contains the name of the Internet domain (IP address for the site) that the cookie originates from, the "duration" of the cookie (i.e. specifying when the cookie expires), and a numeric code, which is usually a randomly generated number.
The cookies used on the Site are merely of a technical nature, and shall under no circumstances be used to examine and study the conduct of users on the Site.
There are two types of cookies:
• Session cookies, namely temporary cookies that remain in the file relating to the user's browser cookies until the navigation session is completed.
• Persistent cookies, namely cookies that remain in the file relating to the browser cookies for longer (depending on the duration of each cookie), with its usage referring solely to providing specific services requested by the user.
The Site does not use Persistent Cookies.
The use of Session Cookies (that are not stored permanently on the user's computer and are cancelled when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to transmitting the session details (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) that are needed to ensure the safe and effective exploration of the Site.
In particular, we use Session Cookies for the following purposes:
• to allow the user to transport information through the Site pages and avoid having to input them several times.
• to compile anonymous statistics that allow us to understand how users utilise the Site and to improve its structure.
The Session Cookies used on this Site do not utilise any other computer techniques that could potentially prejudice navigation confidentiality for users, and do not allow for the user's personal identification data to be acquired.
At any time, the user is entitled to accept or not accept the cookies, by changing the browser settings. If the cookies are deactivated, it shall nonetheless not be possible to utilise all the Site services and functions.
There are different ways to manage cookies. If the user utilised different computers at different work stations, he must ensure that each browser is set correctly. The user can easily cancel any cookies installed in the cookie file, by following the procedures for the browser utilised.
It is further specified that the Site uses the "Google Analytics" service of Google Inc. (“Google”), which uses cookies. For the processing purposes and procedures adopted by Google, kindly refer to the pages and
By using this Site, the User declares that it agrees to the processing of the data collected by Google, in the ways and for the purposes specified in the above web pages.
Applicable law and jurisdiction
These conditions are governed by Italian law. Any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation, application or execution of these conditions shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.