A unique platform for all Business Information

doData offers services to supply Business Information by using an electronic system for the fully automatic management of the entire process from the request, search, processing and delivery of the results to the Customer. 
In synergy with Italfondiario's expertise, doData has developed a multimedia IT platform, DataSet, which rationalises data, integrating it with Customers' management systems.
DataSet is the technology carrier that ensures the communication and delivery of services, allowing maximum accessibility to the information assets.
Based on the platform, doData manages all the process flows in a centralised manner and through the network, allowing for quick, accurate and customised responses to the Customer's specific requirements, according to various levels of breakdowns and complexity:

  • interfaces that are readily available to Customers, aimed at guaranteeing ease of use in the application process for single services;
  • analysis of the requests and definition of the necessary information levels;
  • search for information on public and private databases, including via partnerships with high-standing providers;
  • processing and formalising of information;
  • sending information in a data format that can be used directly on the Customer's IT system.