DataSet, the intelligent platform

DataSet has a Business Intelligence module - Cloche - which uses a proprietary algorithm to provide visibility over the entire portfolio and the distribution of positions based on the loans' quali-quantitative characteristics (GBV, Security, Vintage, etc.).

Based on the Cloche, it is possible to act selectively on the portion of the portfolio representing the best contribution in terms of value, maximising the effectiveness of strategies while minimising costs.

The selective approach determines the application of incremental resources in relation to defined and "reasoned" parameters, in order to monitor the significant variations in value and losses on single positions from time to time, and the relative contribution at an aggregate level.

DataSet, the intelligent platform
The Advantages

The progressive activation of packages of specific services for each cluster identified in this way, makes it possible to implement an “industrial” management of the portfolio, by optimising and/or creating standardised processes and uniform management strategies for clusters of positions with similar characteristics.