DataSet - a smart platform for all business information

DataSet is the multimedia technology platform designed by doData that automates and rationalises information assets, integrating them with Customers' management systems.
Thanks to DataSet Banks can:
• maximise the intensity of credit recovery;
• increase productivity, the effectiveness and efficiency of the recovery process, saving on time and management costs.
Using the doData's platform ensures the communication and delivery of services, providing maximum accessibility to information assets based on simple interfaces that guarantee quick and easy usage.
DataSet responds automatically, independently and selectively to the different types of requests. It maximises efficiency in terms of time, while ensuring quality in the information, by optimising management processes.
Information is always accessible so as to provide the highest level of support to the processes for managing non-performing loans.
DataSet has a Business Intelligence module (Cloche) which uses a proprietary algorithm to provide visibility over the entire portfolio and the distribution of positions based on the loans' quali-quantitative characteristics. The platform thus makes it possible to act selectively on a portion of the portfolio representing the best contribution in terms of value, maximising the effectiveness of strategies while minimising costs and risks.