Cookies policy


In accordance with the provisions of Regulation EU 679/2016 (GDPR) and the regulations in force from time to time on personal data protection, doData S.r.l., in the capacity of autonomous controller (hereafter, also, the “Company” or the “Controller”), intends to provide you with all useful information concerning the cookies installed on the website (hereafter, the “Website”).

Cookies are strings of text of small dimensions sent by websites visited by you to your computer and to any device used for accessing the Internet (such as smartphones and tablets), where they are memorised only then to be sent back to the same websites at the next visit by you.
Cookies can be stored permanently and have a variable duration (known as persistent cookies), but they can also vanish upon closing the browser or have a limited duration (known as session cookies). Similarly, cookies can be installed by the website you are visiting (known as first party cookies), but also by other websites (known as third party cookies) and they are used to carry out IT authentications, session monitoring and storage of information on the activities of users who access a certain website. Based upon the purpose of use, they are broken down into:

  • Browsing and functionality cookies: used respectively for purposes of authentication and improvement of the user experience (e.g. memorising language preferences);
  • Analytics cookies: used by the website manager to obtain information on users who visit it;
  • Profiling cookies: used for advertising purposes for sending messages in line with the preferences of users collected during internet browsing;
  • Social cookies: used to facilitate interaction with social networks. Based upon existing regulations, it is not necessary to acquire consent from you for the installation of "technical" cookies, namely aimed exclusively at sending a communication on an electronic communication network.
    In accordance with the general measure of the Privacy Supervisory Authority dated 8 May 2014, laying down “Identification of simplified methods for the policy and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies”, the following are considered technical:
  • browsing and functionality cookies;
  • analytics cookies, only when used directly by the website manager to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and on the methods by which they visit the website itself. 



The Website uses the following types of first party technical cookies:

  1. session cookies: fundamental to allow you to move normally around the Website and to use the respective services correctly. As they are not memorised on your computer, they vanish upon closing the browser; 
  2. functionality cookies: aimed solely at improving and speeding up browsing on the Website, by memorising certain choices made by you (such as language preferences).

They are therefore tools used by the Controller to guarantee, for example, efficient browsing, the stability of the session, the permanence of the login and the pre-selection of the browsing country chosen. They are also used to remember the choices made by the user relating to the display of some elements of the page, such as the information and communication banners.
As already specified, the use of technical cookies and the performance of processing connected to them does not require your prior consent.
This is subject in any case to your opportunity to prevent at any time the installation of those cookies via your browser settings, as indicated below, in the awareness that such a decision may, however, complicate, slow down or sometimes block browsing on the Website and, more generally, on the Internet.


The Website also uses cookies not managed and controlled by the Controller, as they belong to third parties. These are, more specifically:
Analytics cookies
Google Analytics cookies, for which suitable tools are adopted to reduce the identification power of analytics cookies (for example, by masking significant portions of the IP address) through which information is obtained on the methods of using the Website by users (number of visitors, pages visited, time of stay, conversions, etc.). This information is generally used to improve the Website functions, allowing, for example, for any errors identified by users to be registered and to provide to them, therefore, more fluid and immediate browsing.
To deactivate the installation of these cookies, follow the procedures indicated in the following links:



The user may at any time exercise the rights recognized by the legislation on the protection of personal data. In particular, you will have the right to obtain the updating, rectification or integration of your data, as well as to oppose the processing if there are legitimate reasons.
The user can exercise his rights by writing to:
For all other information on the collection and processing of personal data, please refer to the Website Privacy Policy.